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Why solar batteries?

A home solar battery backup can help you reduce your impact on the planet, cut down on your energy bills, take control of your home’s energy and prepare you for power outages.

The cost of electricity has been on the rise for a while (1), and all indications are that trend is going to continue (2). It makes sense to want to invest in a solar panel system that can help fight those rising costs. But when that investment means the energy you generate reduces carbon emissions that are polluting the planet? That’s a home run.

Putting solar panels on your roof means that you can produce clean solar energy for your home, but having a battery attached to your solar energy system means you are in control of it as well.

You can store any extra energy you generate in your solar battery and use it when it’s most valuable to you. You can control when you use your energy with apps that maximize the value of your system. And you can use your battery to help power through power outages.

In fact, one of the top reasons homeowners decide on a home battery backup system is peace of mind. Knowing that your home is protected from outages helps you rest easy, no matter what life hands you. Think of it as insurance for your home’s energy.

What are the benefits of solar battery storage?

The benefits of a home battery backup cannot be understated. It’s a key part of taking control of your home’s energy. With solar battery storage, you can store energy produced during peak daylight hours and use it to help power your home throughout the night. A home battery backup also allows you to control when you draw power from the grid, which is a great way to protect against the rising costs of peak-hour electricity pricing. It’s a big part of energy independence and can help you keep powered through natural disasters and other types of blackouts. Solar batteries are a great investment in your home’s energy independence and resilience. To make it even better, solar batteries are eligible for the 30% federal tax credit*. And depending on where you live, there might be other local incentives.

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volts solar systems. has a 148 year history of protecting over 6 million customers with home
security. Now you can go solar with the same peace of mind knowing we have you covered

Which solar batteries to buy?

The best types of batteries for your solar panels use lithium-ion technology, the safest and most reliable battery technology available. Let’s go over a couple of our favorites: the Enphase Encharge and Tesla Powerwall 2.

Enphase Encharge 10

The Encharge 10™ all-in-one AC-coupled storage system, comprised of three base Encharge 3™ storage units, provides a total usable energy capacity of 10.1kWh and twelve embedded grid-forming microinverters. Connect multiple Encharge 10 storage systems to maximize backup potential for whole home backup.

Tesla Powerwall 2

The Tesla Powerwall is a battery that stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes your home’s energy source when the grid goes down. Unlike gasoline generators, the Powerwall keeps your lights on and phones charged without upkeep, fuel or noise. Pair with solar and recharge with sunlight to keep your appliances running for days.

How do I get solar batteries installed?

Solar batteries like the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Encharge can only be installed by a certified installer like volt solar system. This is to avoid damage to your home and ensures you get the most value for your investment. Let a professional handle the tough work for you so you’ll be on your way to greater energy independence!

Solar batteries: the game changer

So there you have it. Solar panel batteries change the game for those looking for a way to decrease their dependence on their utility company. Ready for backup power? Want to control your energy costs? Purchasing a solar battery could be your next step. Find out today if a solar battery is right for your home.

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volts solar systems. has a 148 year history of protecting over 6 million customers with home
security. Now you can go solar with the same peace of mind knowing we have you covered

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