The technology behind
your solar panel system

A solar energy system is built of many different components working together to generate clean energy for your home. As one of the most trusted brands in America, volt solar system  works with some of the top manufacturers in the field to help build a reliable and efficient home energy system for you. The equipment we offer is backed by strong warranties and will supply energy to your home for years to come.


Microinverters are the quiet, almost invisible, but absolutely essential component of your solar energy system. By converting the direct current generated by your solar panels into appliance-friendly alternating current, microinverters make it all work. Reliability and efficiency make our microinverters the best on the market, and recent advances in our partner’s technology also allow your solar panels to continue to supply power even when there’s an outage with your utility.

Solar panels

Panels are the foundation of your solar energy system. They convert the photons in sunlight into direct current which is the energy that fuels everything else in your system. Reliability, longevity, efficiency and aesthetics are volt solar system top criteria when evaluating solar panels. We work with the most dependable manufacturers in the U.S., and that allows us to offer the strongest warranties in the business.

Solar battery backup

Solar panel batteries are a great option for any solar energy system. They promote energy independence by allowing homeowners to store and use the solar energy they generate on their rooftop, while also protecting against blackouts and other grid power interruptions. A solar battery backup supplies peace of mind even during some of the worst weather. volt solar system  batteries are supplied by some of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry.

EV charging

Charging and driving your EV with solar energy generated on your own rooftop is the ultimate power trip. Your clean-energy mileage may vary, but a rule of thumb estimate is that you need about ten additional solar panels to charge your EV with solar power. By using the power of the sun to power your ride, you’re keeping more fossil fuel in the ground and changing the way we power our future.

Smart home technology

Integrating smart home technology into your home ensures that you’re getting the most out of the energy coming from your solar energy system. By lighting lights and running appliances only when they are needed, smart home technology makes your solar power go further. A smart home is more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The best technology is the technology you can count on.volt solar system rigorously evaluates all the hardware and software we use. That care is why we’ve been one of the most trusted brands in America for 148 years.

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